Watch me walk the runway!

Watch me walk the runway at 9pm at the House Of Blues in Cleveland Ohio this September 11th! Ticket Sales end SEPT 4TH! If you want to be there, you should get tickets now! Don't miss out!

I'll be walking for "Halo Gowns" by designer "Tori Evans", featuring her newest collection "To Feel Loved".


Keep in mind:

-The lines will be long! Arriving early will ensure that you're comfortable. Once you are in the building. Do not leave the building until the shows are over. WHY? Because you will have to wait in line outside to get back in "ALL OVER AGAIN"! I'd say it's wise to eat dinner somewhere in Cleveland prior to going to House of Blues, but that's entirely up to you!

-If you live close by, it's best to Uber. If you're driving you can pay for valet parking which I believe is in the back of the building or theres parking decks nearby. It's Cleveland, if you want to make sure you have a spot, show up 10-15 minutes early!

-The show that I am walking in doesn't start until 9pm! The events held are from 7pm until 11pm. Theres musicians, dancers, and other shows. You might not leave until midnight. If you live far away, it may be wise to book a hotel room. Plan accordingly, especially if you have work the next day!

-You sadly aren't allowed back stage to see me or the other performers and models. I will also be very busy back stage and will not be able to answer texts, calls, or reply on social media quickly. Please be respectful of that. If you will feel lonely going to the show alone, bring a friend you know and make an event out of it!

-Wear something nice! Traditionally people wear something nice to shows in any city in the United States! A nice shirt and dark jeans or nice pants are fine for men, and a cocktail dress is fine for women.

Lastly THANK YOU to everyone who is attending the show and supporting me, the designers, the other models, and performers! You are forever awesome!

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