House of Blues Fashion Show

Hey everyone!

First I'd just like to thank everyone who came to support me at the House of Blues in Cleveland! The runway show was a success!

If you didn't see my previous blog post about the show....the show I walked in was "Halo Gowns" featuring the collection "To Feel Loved" by "Tori Evans" of Cleveland.

It took a lot of work on everyones part. Promotion and ticket sales, planning, fitting, outfit arrangements, runway line up and practice, hair and makeup, and then of course the actual show.

The event was packed full with more people then expected. I did a lot of great networking and met a handful of amazing people. I ran out of business cards haha!

Cleveland has a lot of amazing talent. I was amazed by everything I saw, and it of course felt great to walk in a show in my home state. :)

I wore a beautiful floral printed bodysuit with a trailing mesh waist sash designed by Tori. It was paired with velvet burgundy feathered heels, and a pearl necklace that had a diamond pendant attached.

My makeup was warm and vibrant, and they used fiery colors around my eyes. Believe it or not but it's not eye shadow, it's lip gloss!!! Yes thats right, I said lip gloss! Amazing right? The secrets that go on backstage haha!

This fiery eye look was perfect for me though as it not only matched well with my outfit, but it matched my confident fiery personality.

Heres a photo of me from the show! :)

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