Photos of Mila From Fashion Week

Hi everyone!

Here is a recap from Fashion Week! I hope you enjoy my pictures! :)

I absolutely love walking in the shows every season.

Everything moves fast, so you're sure to miss something important or awesome if you can't keep up. For that, and many other reasons most models don't enjoy the entire experience. I however truly do! I always book shows, I keep up with the others, I fall in love with so many designs and new trends, I enjoy networking, the red carpet events are always great, and the party's are some of the best.

It can be restless to do back to back shows, racing to your next show, somehow get into your next outfit, hop from a size 10 shoe into a size 7.5 "neither of which are your size", hopefully have the next makeup look on "yeah right", although I'm usually lucky or just take my hair down to look different, and still have time to breathe.

Then hopefully the days of practice continue to pay off, you strut down the runway, hopefully don't fall on your face, your photo looks good and your eyes aren't closed, and you blow people away. You either love or hate the thrill and craziness. I love it-haha! Always have, and I continue to go back. :)

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