Maxim Quarter-Finals

Thank you everyone who has been voting for me in the Maxim Cover Girl competition! I have placed 1st in my group and will be advancing into the quarter-finals. The voting for quarter-finals is Oct 14th-Oct 24th. Group winners from the quarter-finals will advance into the semi-finals.

What happens if I win the competition?

I would land the cover of Maxim Magazine as well as be featured on interior pages with an interview, have the title of "2019 Maxim Cover Girl Winner", be featured again on the @Maximmag instagram page, be featured on, and my prize of $25,000 will be going towards my first music video and to foundations for deaf research!

If you would like to see me as the next Maxim Cover Girl, please continue to vote for me! It means the world to me and any warrior votes go towards a good cause! Thanks again everyone!


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