I entered a swim contest and placed 2nd!

Hey guys!

So obviously I've been living life in a bikini for pretty much all of my life now, minus my fashion photo shoots which you know I absolutely also love doing! I grew up swimming, I was on swim team, and my parents loved taking me on vacations every summer. I also lived in the surf hub of America "Malibu California" for 6 years "75% of my adult life", and I enjoy being in the sun!

That all being said, it's probably no surprise to you that I entered a summer swimwear contest this past spring! The contest was hosted by "One Model Place", and was sponsored by "Bell Beachwear". After everything was said and done, I placed 2nd in the contest! I won a bikini, splash bag, hat, a 1 year membership on OMP, became a featured model, and the opportunity to walk in Miami Swim Week. All of this is absolutely awesome, and was a great start to my summer regardless of the fact there was a pandemic going on.

Unfortunately Miami Swim Week is currently on hold due to the pandemic, however I did do a fun photo shoot with my prizes! Which you can see below!

I hope you all enjoyed my pics! Thanks for viewing, and for those of you who love to shop here are the links!:

"Rosé All Day" hat: Click here to buy

"Key West Bikini": Click here to buy

"Cotton Candy Padlock Flap Splash Bag: Click here to buy

Click here to shop all Bell Beachwear products


Mila Tip: (If you love the sun, always be sure to remember sunscreen! No matter what ethnicity you are, it can help prevent burns and premature skin aging. If you are young, start learning simple anti-aging skincare routines now. You will thank yourself later!)

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